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As a condominium owner, you have title to your own "unit" as well as a share in common areas such as the lobby, swimming pool, parking garage and garden. In fact, virtually the entire building is "common" except for upgrades you may have made to your unit and your personal property. However, as a shareholder in the corporation from which you "rent" access to the common areas, you and your fellow owners can be held personally liable if something goes wrong.

A condominium insurance policy is a low-cost way to remove some of the financial worries of condominium ownership and to protect your personal assets in your unit.

At Mainway Hunter Creighton Insurance, we offer a broad range of insurance policies you can rely on to protect you when you need them most - after you've had a claim.

Some of the coverage highlights in the basic condominium policy include:

Note - this is an especially important feature of condominium insurance because of the shared responsibility with others for common property.

You can increase coverage amounts on all of the above items so that they reflect your unique circumstances.
Your condominium insurance policy excludes several important coverage or places limitations on others. In many instances, it is advisable to purchase additional coverage through available policy endorsements to ensure you have the coverage you require. These are the most commonly purchased optional coverages:

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