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Your cottage is like your home. It's a mix of all those things you're intrigued by, comforted by and in love with, things that you couldn't imagine living without. It may have been in your family for generations or a new property you recently built yourself. Your cottage is also likely one of your most valuable personal assets. Because of this, it's absolutely critical that it is properly insured not only in terms of the right amount of insurance but also the proper coverages.

Generally, your cottage is insured on the same policy as your principal residence. However, most cottage policies contain a limited amount of coverage, particularly when compared to your home. In fact, insurance companies offer a wide variety of cottage policies - some with bare bones coverages and others almost identical to an all-risk form made for a principal residence. If you haven't reviewed your cottage policy recently, you should do so immediately to ensure you have the proper coverages in place.

Some of the more important coverages to consider for your cottage policy include:

There are many other items such as outdoor plants, trees and shrubs, fences and gardening equipment where coverage is either entirely excluded or very limited.

Of course, we can also provide coverage for all of your other cottage needs including sailboats, motorboats, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft.

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