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Life Insurance

MHC  provides complete life insurance solutions and financial planning services to individuals and families. Rick Carpenter & Michael Kelly are the life insurance professionals who bring more than 55 years experience in insurance and financial planning.

Whether you need insurance protection for your mortgage, additional life and disability coverage to enhance benefits provided by your employer or advice on how to minimize estate taxes, Rick and Michael can provide you with a complete, tailored solution.

A sampling of just some of the services we offer include:

Insurance Analysis

Virtually everyone has life and disability insurance. The question is whether you have too much, too little or just the right amount. We can provide you with a complimentary insurance analysis that will tell you frankly and honestly where you stand.

Retirement Income Projections

Have you ever wondered how much money you will have when you retire - or how much you will need? We can develop projections based on your present situation. If you don't like what the analysis shows you, we can develop a plan that will get you where you want to be.

Estate Planning

We can develop a plan for you that will maximize the amount of your estate that will pass through to the next generation. This includes funding the capital gains "time bomb", equalizing inheritances and maximizing charitable contributions.

Disability Protection

Partial or total disability creates severe financial hardship in most situations. We can put a plan in place that can pay ongoing living expenses, pay deferred tax liabilities and fund a retirement plan.


Looking for an alternative to your under performing RRSP? We will work with you to put together a balanced plan that minimizes risk but gives you the return required to fund your retirement needs. We can also help you convert your RRSP to an Annuity or RRIF at the best rates available on the market.

Financial Planning

As an independent advisor, we will develop an integrated plan that includes a complete review of your current position, assist you in developing specific financial goals, and developing an investment strategy that will help you achieve these goals. We also provide ongoing follow-up including comprehensive reports and face-to-face meetings.

For more information on any of these services or on any of the other products we offer, please call or email them at; (905) 667-4728 or at (905) 363-7935 or 1-800-263-5173.