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Renters Insurance

Whether you've just moved into your first apartment or are renting a house for the third time, you may think you haven't accumulated anything of real value yet. Think again!

Even if you only own a small amount of furniture and your clothes it could be very costly if you had to replace every item with something new. Combine this with the fact that if you've bought electronic equipment or furniture on credit and it's destroyed by fire or stolen you're still responsible for paying the balance, even though you no longer have the item. That can hurt!

If you rent you also need to protect your personal assets because landlords have relatively few legal obligations to compensate you for damage to, or loss of, your personal possessions.

Tenants, on the other hand, are responsible for any damage they may cause to any part of the building or house in which they live, or to others who live or visit there. A fire ignited by a tenant's defective toaster could, for example, gut an entire apartment complex. That's a lot of liability!

That's why we take the time to understand and create a complete insurance solution to suit your needs. So regardless of whether you purchase one of our pre-packaged plans or our exclusively designed Signature insurance products for individuals with significant personal assets, you can rest assured that you are properly protected.

Some of the coverage highlights include:

Your tenant's insurance policy excludes several important coverages or places limitations on others. In many instances, it's advisable to purchase additional coverage through available policy endorsements to ensure you have the coverage you require. These are the most commonly purchased optional coverages:

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